Calling 08 numbers on your mobile is expensive. Let us try and help you save money.

There is simply no need to spend up to 41 pence per minute calling 0845, 0800, 0844 and 0870 numbers from your mobile anymore. Barritel have developed a money saving app called the '08 Wizard', an app full of the most popular businesses using 08 numbers and their alternative 01/02 and 03 numbers.

When you search for, or dial an 08 number, the app will see if it's in the database and if it's there, will present you with a local rate number to call. Call charges to 01, 02 or 03* numbers are taken from the bundled minutes you already have instead of your wallet.

There is no difference to the call, you're simply dialling the number directly instead of going through an 08. 

We are always adding the most requested numbers to our database and currently have over 27,000 to choose from. There are of course therefore a vast number of businesses we don't have alternative numbers for, but there's still enough for most people to save a wad of cash. We're confident there is a number or 2 for you to save on! 

All successful calls will be made across the businesses  01 or 02 number or a dynamic 03 number (which costs the same as an 01/02 and is taken from your bundled minutes). PAYG and people outside their bundled minutes will be charged at normal local rates.  Users who choose to dial the 084 and 087 numbers direct will be charged the full cost by their network provider!

Follow @08Wizard on Twitter to keep up to date with changes and to provide feedback, alternatively you can reach us on

*The cost of calling 03 numbers are normally included at no extra cost on most mobile phone contracts however PAYG and business users will need to check if this still applies.


We really love your feedback from our apps! Here are some examples of what users are saying about the 08 wizard app!

Positive reviews are great, negative ones not so much, but we'll try and improve on anything reported to us, if we solve your issues to your satisfaction, perhaps you could "re-review"?


By: Bozsi | Date: 7 May 2014 | Version: Current | Rating: 4/5 Stars
User Review: "Bargain. WELL worth the 69p. Recommended. As another reviewer stated, it may not cover every 08 number but I've only used it once and it's already saved me over £3 on a 17-minute call to an 0800 number. I think they utilise the spare minutes you get in your package. Check it though if you're unsure."
Wizard Apps: "Thanks for a great review Bozsi! You're right, we don't cover every 08 number, but we're trying. The most popular numbers requested are rifled through by the wizards now and again to source an alternative. When we find one we add it to the database, the next time a user calls it, the alternative number will be offered. When it comes to 0800 numbers, we route it over an 01, 02 or 03 number to be able to use your mobile contracts bundled minutes, it is saving users thousands of pounds. Thank you for your feedback!"

"Saved me well over £0.69 for sure!"

By: Karl Richard | Date: 11 Mar 2014 | Version: Current | Rating: 4/5 Stars
User Review: "It doesn't do every 08 number, that's for sure... Nevertheless, it's saved me well over £60.00 in calls to date... ! Which is, in my humble opinion, well worth the 0.69p it costs."
Wizard Apps: "Wow Karl, you are a power user aren't you?! We are so glad it has saved you so much money. The next round is on you! ;-)"

"Bad experience!"

By: uzzzyyyy | Date: 13 May 2014 | Version: Current | Rating: 1/5 Stars
User Review: "I download the application to call my insurance company but non of there number connected. I tried 0844 and 0871 but the application says we can't connect to these numbers. Bad experience .!"
Wizard Apps: "uzzzyyyy, we are really sorry you have had a bad experience with our app. We are adding alternative numbers all the time, recently we added some insurance companies, so we urge you to give it another go. If still nothing, please do let us know the name of the insurance company/the number you are seeking a replacement for and we will do our best to source one for you! Contact the wizards on Twitter or "

Keep your reviews coming... good or bad! We can make our apps even better with YOUR feedback!

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