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Calling 0845 Numbers at a Fraction of the Cost


Everyone knows it costs around 45p per minute to call an 0845 number but did YOU know that it doesn't have to?


Call for less with the 0845 Wizard.


The 0845 Wizard is a free app that requires you to add your own money to a prepaid account in order to pay for the cheaper calls. There are no catches, you are simply using the money as you need it without being at the mercy of a huge bill from your network provider at the end of the month.

You will also need to ensure that you have enough bundled minutes left with your network provider as these will be used too.


PAYG users will see no benefit or savings with this app. Please look at the PAYG Wizard instead where you will typically see savings of around 70% on calls.


The 0845 Wizard, like the 0844 Wizard is an app with a built in credit account that allows you to add or top up on-line.


Register for an account here.


The technical stuff...


Once you have a Wizard account you need to ensure that you've added a bit of cash to it. Done on-line, it's quick and easy.


How does it work?


You dial an 0845 number. The app will tell you what it would normally cost you (an average across all major networks), it will also tell you what it will cost you in Wizard credit.

You then decide you're happy to make the call, the 0845 Wizard dials an 01, 02 or 03* number which in turn (the magic part) connects you to the 0845 number you want.

The cost of the 01, 02 or 03* connection is the same as a local call and is taken from your network minutes (the call your phone appears to make) whilst the call charge for calling the 0845 number (The Wizardry bit) comes out of your Wizard account.


If you dial an 0844 number the app will simply ask you to switch to or download the 0844 Wizard.


The 0845 Wizard uses Barritel's business-grade network to route the calls for less, saving you money to talk longer or call more often.


You can use the same login details with any of our other apps that need a Wizard account. As your balance is associated with your account, not with a specific app, you are able to use it across all of our apps.

Follow @wizard_apps on Twitter to keep up to date with changes and to provide feedback, alternatively you can reach us on

*The cost of calling 03 numbers are normally included at no extra cost on most mobile phone contracts however PAYG and business users will need to check if this still applies.

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