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Record your calls, have them emailed to you, refer back to them at your leisure.

Do you ever find yourself wishing you'd written down the details of a phone call to refer back to later? Or perhaps you've had a particularly difficult call with a customer or supplier and wish you'd been able to record it as evidence for a future dispute or complaint?

Wish no more.

The Call Recording Wizard solves these problems by recording the call and emailing it as soon as you hang up.

For a simple flat rate of 20p per minute* plus network costs, the app will automatically record your call and email it to you as an MP3 file. There is no access number to dial or PIN code to enter. You simply dial the number you wish to call and the Call Recording Wizard does the rest.

The Call Recording Wizard, like the 0845 Wizard is an app with a built in credit account (Wizard Account) that allows you to add credit via iTunes in app payments to pay for the cost of the call recording (20ppm).

How does it work?

Once you have set up an account and have added credit you dial the number you wish to have a recorded conversation with. The app will connect to the call recording service (20ppm) and then dial the number you asked for (normal call charges apply here).

Once your call has ended you sit back and wait for the email to arrive.

The Wizard Account is created In-App or register here. You are always in control of this credit, you will always haveĀ  visibility of what credit is available and topping up is easy.

The Wizard Acount can be created within the app or if you have used any of our other prepay apps (0845 Wizard or 0844 Wizard) you will already have an account. You can share your prepay credit between all our apps, there's no need to sign up for separate accounts!

If you would like to know more about the Call Recording Wizard or require assistance then please contact us via our Twitter account @Wizard_Apps or email us on

*The Call Recording Wizard will use the bundled minutes from your network provider to achieve the rate of 20p per minute. If you do not have any bundled minutes available your network provider will charge you extra for the calls.

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